The architecture of a natural genius


For many companies, the fair is the first form of promotional contact with the public, for others it is an addition to classic advertising or alternative forms of communication. For all of them, it is the possibility of physical contact with the potential customer, a way to let them touch and maybe try the product.

DialogaStand designs and builds exhibition stands worldwide guaranteeing a turnkey service:

From the structure of the booth to the contracts for the exhibition space, including hostesses, communication media, furnishings and catering, a stand created by DialogaStand is a hymn to hospitality and business promotion. 

Capturing attention

is a work of the intellect

DialogaStand is not just a stand and not just a fair.

When the company wants to take its physical presence outside of traditional exhibitions, a promotional space can be set up in a town square or in the parking lot of a shopping centre. In these cases too, dialogaStand designs and builds the space ad hoc, providing the facilities, personnel and all kinds of assistance.

The services offered by dialogaStand are modular in the sense that the customer can make use of a complete package or individual services, for example hostesses equipped with Airwheel (link), a branded electric vehicle used to circulate freely in the area of an event. In summary, dialogaStand can offer:

  • Complete turnkey projects and set up
  • Stand furniture
  • Graphics
  • Hostess
  • Flowers
  • Catering
  • Smart setups
  • Installations
  • Inflatable structures
  • Easy structures (Led structures - Frames - Totem)